Latest Free Music on Channel 24

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Plastics

Banks Of The Breede

One of Cape Town’s best indie-rock bands with a track off their recent album, ‘Shark‘, produced by Gordan (The Strokes) Raphael.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


Sharp Fede (Remix)

Buttabing Entertainment’s newest with his single “Sharp Fede”, feturing special guests Proverb, Flabba, Nveigh, Red Button off his debut hip hop album album, ‘Special Rekwest‘.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Keeno Lee

Your Man

Funk ‘n B” is what they’re calling it. A genre combining old school Funk with New School R&B. Add some great songwriting, catchy hooks, smart lyrics, incredible production and heaps of personality, and now we have ‘Revolution’ the debut album of singer/songwriter/actorKeeno Lee.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

Zwarte Piet

Gatskop Blues

A track off “Geskroef!” An Afrikaans Blues album whose theme is the trials and tribulations endured by the nowdisadvantaged people of South Africa and it is set against the backdrop of the social and political issues of this country.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Cherry Faced Lurchers

Shot Down

James Phillips’ three piece unit plays one of SA rock’s finest ballads – off ‘Live At Jamesons‘ recorded in 1985 by the Shifty Mobile.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Liefde Soldaat

Adam is a dynamic and original male singing group and this track is about always being prepared to fight for the one you love.

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues

Dan Shout


A tribute to Dan’s biggest South African saxophone influence, Mr Winston Mankunku, with this track about one of Shout’s favourite places, Etosha National Park in Namibia. Off the Greetings & Salutations album.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Ramblin’ Bones

Baboon Moon Rising

Ramblin’ Bones is the alter ego of Jay Bones, former front man for the popular South African ska band Fuzigish. Here with a track off his new album,  ‘Ramblin’ Bones & His Bloody Agents‘ which is also the name of his expanded band.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Summer Shade –

World Among The Clouds

The title track off Summer Shade’s latest E.P. The band (previously known as Nungarin) has remolded their already unique and refreshing sound to produce a mixture of rock, tribal,African, folk and a whole lot more.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Heather Mac


The lead singer of Ella Mental in the ’80’s returns with her new album, ‘WITHIN‘, a beautiful collection of personal songs gathered from the last 25 years of her life.

Latest Free Music Image Pop

Chad Saaiman

Thinking About You

This 25-year-old soulful and sensual singer from Cape Town who recently miraculously survived a shooting during a highjacking in Gauteng, is South Africa’s most intimate and talented vocal discovery in years – here with the first single off his album “The Flight“.

Latest Free Music Image Classical

Gaabo Motho Tenors

The Beautiful Game

This original track was written for the 2010 Soccer World Cup and performed by the Tenors with Joseph Clark in Dusseldorf, Germany. From their “Recorded Live” album.


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