Are you ready to Fibrate with Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber release debut album Fibrate

Phuket based indie-disco band Dark Fiber have unleashed their retro brand of disco-rock on the world with the release of their debut album Fibrate.

download link for House of the Rising Sun

Unashamedly retro, Fibrate’s sonic character takes you back to a period when life was a lot less complex and Disco ruled the airwaves and dance floors. The debut single ‘House of the Rising Sun’ is being well received by DJ’s. Influenced by Hot RS’s classic version, BB Queen’s soaring vocals are destined to make this version a dance-floor classic.

Eight of the nine tracks on Fibrate were penned by ex-South African producer/composer Gary Crause and English composer/musician/recording engineer Rob Cooke.

Fronted by the charismatic BB Queen, Dark Fiber’s music is uplifting and inspirational with the odd twist and turn.

Listen to the record at

The music video for ‘House of the Rising Sun’ can be viewed at

Track List:

1. Ride It

2. House of the Rising Sun

3. I Love To Dance

4. Dance Medusa

5. Loved By You

6. I Am What I Am

7. Hell Yeah

8. Phuket Moonlight

9. Dark Fiber

Album Information:

Released by Legend Music

Recorded at Legend Music Phuket

Produced by Gary Crause

Mixed by 2-Transient

Mastered by Rob Cooke

Dark Fiber are:

Vocals – BB Queen

Guitars and Bass – Boy@Heart

Everything Else – Dr Fugly

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