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Latest Free Music Image Rock

David Beretta Owens

Could This Be

David Beretta Owens, the ex-front man for Lithium, is back with his long awaited solo debut, ‘The Order of Things‘ produced by SAMA Award-winning producer Theo Crous.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop



B-Traq is an exciting new funk-pop band to hit the South African music scene, with a sound on their album Outatime that is both fresh and funky. B-Traq’s original music fuses several genres; Funk, RnB and Rock

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro


Bring Back The Humans

Feat. Jane Rademeyer – Maverick electronic producer Somerfaan’s brand new album ‘Laaste Somer‘, bears his signature sound; a mix of edgy programmed beats from found sounds and weird samples, big electronic bass riffs, dubby atmospherics and melodic synthesizer lines.r

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro



The seventh in the [F/L/W] series, ‘Album 7‘ is is a vanguard in the art of computer generated music and packed with atmospheric energy.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

12th Avenue

Walk on the Water

First single off the new self-titled album from this long-running and hard-rocking Cape Town band.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Jam Jarr

Creeping Out

Jam Jarr – Creeping Out – African Dope Records brings you the second offering of Jam Jarr – ‘I Am The Danger‘ – a 5-track journey into glitch,bass, rap, debauchery, and everything else that makes life the dirty good thing that it is.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Zen Arcade


Zen Arcade are back with a new album ‘Moonshine’, the band’s 3rd studio album which oozes their trademark addiction to melody and signature hook laden song-writing.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

MacGyver Knife


This hot Indie-rock band recently launched this first single off their debut album, Sewing Legend which was launched inMay.

Latest Free Music Image Pop

Neil T


With just two years worth of production experience, and five years instrumentation experience, Neil T‘s ability to compose and produce music is uncanny and innovative.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Emosiebelaaide Oorlogskreet

7Stukkesilwer has just released this latest single which was written to encourage and inspire every person that finds themselves in a difficult situation.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Stanley Zive

April Showers

New single from this talented Cape Town singer-songwriter off his debut album, Modern Love & Old World Romantics

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Richard The Third

Slip (Dank Remix)

Richard The Third is a force in the local electronic music scene, producing and DJ’ing as Richard The Third, Biscope or with Spoek Mathambo and Mshini Wam, here with his new EP ‘Dragonfly Slip

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