Latest Free Music from SAmp3 and Channel24

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Stanley Zive

April Showers

New single from this talented Cape Town singer-songwriter off his debut album, Modern Love & Old World Romantics

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop

Richard The Third

Slip (Dank Remix)

Richard The Third is a force in the local electronic music scene, producing and DJ’ing as Richard The Third, Biscope or with Spoek Mathambo and Mshini Wam, here with his new EP ‘Dragonfly Slip

Latest Free Music Image Rock

MacGyver Knife


This hot Indie-rock band recently launched this first single off their debut album, Sewing Legend which was launched inMay.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Buckfever Underground

The South African

One of South Africa’s most innovative and strange bands with a “patriotic’ song off their Limbs GoneBatty album.

Latest Free Music Image World Music

Egyptian Nursery

God’s Window

A classic SA song from this band that featured a musical whizz from North England, a Mauritian with a voice swathed in honey and a Congolese rapper, off the album, New Anthem.

Latest Free Music Image Gospel


Praise Him

Some Faith Rock off the album, Here We Go by a group with a sound and a message that will sure to enhance the lives of every person that listens to their music.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Taxi Violence

Question X

Power blues-rock from this major Cape Town band off the weird and wonderful soundtrack to the book, Moxyland.

Latest Free Music Image Pop


Love is a Gift

A great new track off the debut album Pride Of Africa from this singer with the beautiful voice who is already getting a lot of attention on the SA scene.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Revelators

Codeine Machine

This three-piece garage rock band from Cape Town creates a low-fi style of garage fuzz that gives way to a raw, energetic delivery. From the album We’ll Make Them Like New.

Latest Free Music Image Rock


Land van Ons Vaders

The latest single release off the debut album, 2000 en nag from this 4-man Afrikaans hard rock band currently making their mark on the Gauteng rock scene.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop



Funky new single from this emerging South African artist off his recent album, Western Sotho.

Latest Free Music Image Rock


The Final Hour

New single off the album The Lucky Ones  from the Cape Town Adult Contemporary Alternative band featuring Wayne Joshua and Shai Caleb. (part of Sugar Music) has been the official supplier of free mp3s to Channel24 since 2004

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