Sherry Ray

Selwyn Schneider wrote:

I have a question for you. I come from East London and when I was about 12 – 13 there was a local girl named Sharon Rayton who made a version of Stupid Cupid under the name of Sherry Ray. I wonder if you have come across her in all your research of our music history? I ask cos as I used to know her and would like to contact her if I can find her. Does this sound familiar to you at all??

Brian wrote:

Don’t know of her … and no mention in "The History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa" book either.


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  1. Is it possible to obtain the recordings of Ellery at Windsor bowl, I was once upon a time a student of his learning to play the alto. Much appreciated.
    Thank you. Norman James.


  2. Brian, I am Jill Woodward Hefter, Ellery Woodward’s youngest daughter. I would love to connect with Sharon Rayton/Sherry Ray. Could you see if she would be willing to let me contact her? Also, I have long wanted to find a copy of the record “A Night at the Windsor Bowl”. Do you or one of your correspondents (e.g. Tertius Louw) know where I might find one?


    1. Hi Jill!! …just seen your message. I have JUST also been given a cd copy of Woody’s “Night at the W/bowl” – will get one made for you if you give me a postal address !

      all best – Sherry. (now Hornsey)


      1. Hi there Sherry.

        I notice this message is rather old so am hoping you are still here 🙂 Please let me have an email address for me. I think you used to know my Mom – back in Windsor Bowl days in East London and I’d love to share something with you but need to know where to write to you.



  3. Hi Brian- (I came home to SA in 1971 from USA. Showbiz is “not me.” !!! I studied art instead and raised a family of two !) Worked p/time in JHB with SABC musos like Rollo Scott tho’ in late 6o’s Lived here in St Francis Bay since 1983 and about to move to Montagu this Sept. ! Don’t mind if you let Selwyn know – I remember him well !!! regards, Sher.


    1. Hi Sherry, Do you remember me? I used to be your recording engineer with in Studio 3A with Rollo’s orchestra.


  4. Tertius Louw wrote:

    Sharon Rayton aka Sherry Ray recorded 2 albums in 1962:

    1. A night at the Windsor Bowl (accompanied by Ellery Woodward band – incl stupid cupid)

    2. A taste of sherry

    Her whereabouts are unknown


    1. Cannot believe this. Someone led me to this site. My father was the late Ellery Woodward. Thanks for this, so nice to know people still remember him.


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