Looking for a Richard Jon Smith song

Raj wrote:

… not sure of the title but the opening words are “I don’t know why I love u but I do”. Now if u find me this then I will say u r a music wizard.

Brian wrote:

‘But I Do’ was a single released in 1976 and went to number 9 on the Springbok Radio Charts and is currently available on “12 Greatest Hits Of Richard Jon Smith” (EMI, catalogue number CDBU (WCPB) 522, released in 2010)

Available at Kalahari.net

Originally by Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry in 1961, titled  ‘(I Don’t Know Why) But I Do


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    1. The song features on Richard Jon Smith- Greaatest Hits Cd. Should be available at most music stores in your area.


      1. I dont no where I can find any Richard Jon Smith albums in South Africa can you tell me


  1. I am looking for a song that is on an album with Richard John Smith and the Rockets. Not sure what the title of the song is but the opening words of the song is ” Heavenly heavenly” or it could be ” Ebony ebony”


    1. This sounds like “Heavenly” by Ronnie Joyce ? The only cd available by Ronnie Joyce is ” Little Ronnie Joyce” but Heavenly is not on there . It was released on the LP titled ” I am not a lighty anymore”.
      CCP has the masters but not too keen to release any futher material as the cds released two years ago did and is not selling well. It was The Rockets- Feat Bones Delight, Richard Jon Smith, Jonathan Butler- I love how you love me, Cape Herald Hipcat Parade feat. The Rockets, Ivan Ross, Ronnie and Jonathan, Noel Mitchell, John Roberts and Athlone Express.


  2. Hi Brian,

    Is “Love Thy Neighbour” by Richard Jon Smith available on any CD or compilation?

    Many Thanks,


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