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Natie wrote

Hi Brian,

I am a huge collector of the music of the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. My problem is to get my hands on some of the rare gems. I grew up in the time of LM and Springbok hit parades and there were some great songs which you don’t find on the compulations anymore. For instance on a compulation you will only find Sugar Sugar of The Archies but never “A Summer Prayer for peace” which was only a hit in SA . If i’m not mistaken this song was on the flipside of “Jingle Jangle”. Currently I’m looking for Cornelia’s “Another Love to Come” Double Vision “Maori Love Song” Columbus’s “Milky Ways” and Peter Lotus’s “Sunday Girl”. Please can you help me were to go to find all of these Gems.

Kind Regards

Brian wrote:

Yeah, these songs are hard to find, but they are out there.

Another Love to Come – Cornelia By Request
Maori Love Song – Yesterdays Best, Vol 3
Milky Ways – Simply The Best 70’s Hits
Sunday Girl – Yesterdays Best, Vol 3

A Summer Prayer For Peace was released as a single in South Africa in 1970.

It is available on “Springbok Radio Top 40 Vol 4

“South Africa: 19 million”

“3 Billion people sing a Summer prayer for peace”

A Summer Prayer For Peace, The Archies 1970

Some of these CDs are probably out-of-print though, so it might be best to try second-hand shops like Mabu Vinyl & Digital

Good hunting.

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  1. Hi Brian, I see that Milky Ways of Columbus is mentioned here. Who was Columbus? I cannot find anything on the net. I’ll never forget how quick Milky Way became #1 on the SA Top 20. Great song!


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