Latest Free Music on Channel 24

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Mr. Cat and the Jackal

The Devil Always Wants to Dance

Mr.Cat and the Jackal‘s brand new track off their new album Sins & Siren Songs.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Van der Want & Letcher

Special Agents

These two iconic SA musicians with their winning mix of folk, rock and hip-hop with something of the attitude of punk off their album, Lowriding.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk



The next single off the amazing folktronica album, The Mystery Of The Seven Stars from this Pretoria performer, produced by her husband, Jacob Israel.

Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


7 Day Hustle

Kwesta is a young rapper and Buttabing Entertainment’s newest signing who recently released his debut Hip Hop album Special Rekwest here with his first single off the album.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

John Manuel

No Time To Stop

John Manuel is a singer songwriter based in Durban and Lost and Found is his first solo album. John has honed his skills as a fingerpicking guitarist over the last 10 years and builds his songs from the complex guitar riffs which are his trademark sound.

Latest Free Music Image Rock


The Runaround

Top Cape Town rockers, aKING, are set to release their third album, Red Blooded Years and here is the first single off thealbum.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Karmic Kick

Makes You Dead

A track off ‘The Skies Beyond’, the second and harder of the two albums from this Cape Town band with Kevin Rule’s vocals finding sure footing in Nieuwenhuis’ dense, heavy rhythms and punchy guitar.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Jamie Shelly

Plasticine and Polyester

A song from ‘My Mine(d)‘,  the second full length original album that again displays this Cape Townartist’s wide range of musical styles.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

The Plastics

Late Night Scene

New single from these emerging Cape Town rockers off their excellent new second full length album ‘Shark‘ which was produced by legendary Strokes producer, Gordon Raphael.

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues

African Cream Jazz Ensemble

Jikela Emaweni

This version of this classic South African track is one of the many great tracks on the compilation from the African Cream label called ‘The Essential South African Trip‘.

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