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Latest Free Music Image R&B/Soul/Hip Hop


A Tale Of Three Cities

This newly formed Pretoria band represents conscious Afrikaans rap that is light and spirited.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Van Coke Cartel

Van Coke Cartel – Skadus Teen die Muur

This third single (and latest video) from their hit album ‘Skop, Skiet & Donner’ is Van Coke Kartel’s version of the Koos du Plessis classic from the early eighties. The musical treatment by producer Peach van Pletzen, as well as Francois van Coke’s unique rendition, makes the song a remarkable tribute to a South African icon.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Foto Na Dans

Foto Na Dans – Daar Wag Iets

Cape-based band share this single off their new album Die Vloed, which can be described as a big, classic-progressive rock production reminiscent of the concept albums of the 70’s.

Latest Free Music Image Pop

Jac Sharp

Jac Sharp – Sweet Insanity

What do you get when you mix an electro drummer, funk rock guitarist, afro bassist and jazz singer? Enjoy this panoramically eclectic slice of Afro-pop off this brand-savvy band’s debut CD, Technicolour.

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues


Woza One Day

Opening track on the self-titled debut album featuring the smooth melodic Bosmont jazz of Isja on the Shifty Records anti-apartheid record label.

Latest Free Music Image Gospel



Mila is the former lead guitarist for the Hillsong Cape Town Worship Band during iis currently in the SAMA-winning Proxy Worship Band.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Tribe After Tribe

Burning Bush (Radio Edit)

Tribe After Tribe’s unique blend of psychedelic African rock has received high praise from the media in Europe, UK and North America.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans

Johannes Kerkorrel

Johannes Kerkorrel – Ry

Slashing their way out of the Nationalist Party ideology, the Gereformeerde Blues Band charted the wide open spaces of a new Afrikaner rebellion. They share this track off their Eet Kreef album.

Latest Free Music Image Kwaito


Push ‘N Move

The 23-year-old who goes by the alias Catman has just released his independently produced kwaito album, ‘Western Sesotho’.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Pieter Mohr

Dorpie in RSA

A track off the self-titled debut album from this Western Cape based singer with the unique voice and mixture of traditional and modern country.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Wysdiman- Skedelbeen

Wysdiman is a 4-piece Afrikaans Rock band from Johannesburg. This is the first single off their new “2000 en Nag” album.

Latest Free Music Image

Bernoldus Niemand

Bernoldus Niemand – Reggae Vibes Is Cool

From the album ‘Wie Is Bernoldus Niemand’, Bernoldus shares this track which was recorded under SA music icon James Phillips’ alter ego, and which could be regarded as the album that started all the trouble! The songs are mostly about smoking zol, girls, cars, the army, moustaches, Springs, Pretoria and other aspects of white trash SA lifestyles.


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