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Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues

The Essential South African Trip


With Ray Phiri on guitar, this acclaimed South African jazz group soundtracked the years from struggle to freedom with their evocative and unique style.

Latest Free Music Image

Les Javan En Die Delta Vastrapgennootskap –

Franschhoek Toe

A track off the recent album Hiervandaan on which the authentic power of South Africa’s own delta music is explored composed and arranged by the genius of Les Javan.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans


Hello Goeiemore

This first single song off Nicolene’s second album,Onthou Jy Nog was voted onto the Afrikaans top 20 and eventually landed up at number 12 on the chart.

Latest Free Music Image

Frankie Fire

Pretty Girls

Frankie Fire is the newest hot pop-rock band to hit the South African music scene – here with their hit single, Pretty Girls, off their album Seven.

Latest Free Music Image

Johnathan Martin

Might Be Heaven

The first single off the new debut solo album, Machete, from the young axe hero who has been getting a lot of attention for his amazing guitar skills.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Radio Rats

Obz Cafe Blues

Radio Rats – Obz Cafe Blues –


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