Tribe After Tribe – The Lion’s Share (compilation)


The Lion's Share (compilation) by Tribe After Tribe
The Lion's Share (compilation) by Tribe After Tribe

Since Tribe after Tribe’s move from South Africa in 1986 the band have become recognized internationally, as ‘pioneers’ in the world of rock. Twice invited by rock peers Pearl Jam to open for them on two (2) international tours of Europe and America. Twice voted as ‘best live band of the year’ by prominent rock magazine Rockhard, – who also voted Tribe for best album of the Year

The single ‘Ice Below’ stayed at the Number One slot on the top 75 CMJ charts for 3 weeks. Despite their many successes and the grueling life on the road Tribe after Tribe’s music remains uncompromised. In the words of Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam “they are definitely pushing the boundaries of rock and roll”.

Featuring the psychedelic guitar swirling and pulsating pagan rhythms that have become Tribe’s trademarks on such propulsive numbers as ‘Supreme One’, ‘Burning Bush’ and ‘Truth and Reconciliation’, Tribe after Tribe’s unique blend of psychedelic African rock, has received high praise from the media in Europe, UK and North America while their albums have been hailed as ‘crafted works of art’.

In the last two years Tribe have played to close to a million people; playing on massive stages including Woodstock Poland (which boasts having the largest stage ever built in Europe), Headlining the intimate Lott festival (earning them a coveted slot at the Herzberg’s Convention).

The album The Lion’s Share is a ‘best of’ and a strictly digital release out on the newly founded Ritual Records in November 2010. The long awaited return tour by Tribe after Tribe to South African shores will follow within the next few months. Ritual is focused on rediscovering the classic South African punk and rock heritage and have a number of releases in the pipeline including Wild Youth, Powerage and many more.

Select Press Quotes

“will challenge listeners with equal parts Jane’s Addiction, U2 and Peter Gabriel, but in the end, Tribe After Tribe organically accomplishes, with pure emotion and radiant spirituality, what these other artists can only aspire to” Music Connection

“… a tribal rock vein, with melodic guitars mixed with chanting and .. hypnotizing drums” Billboard

“a beautiful album, crafted rather than merely recorded” Kerrang

“… a fine fusion of hard rock and South African rhythm somewhere between the epic noise of Led Zeppelin and the modern world beat of Peter Gabriel” Los Angeles Times

“… knocks me out … atmospherics that will make your stereo a pagan ritual” Playboy

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