CODA will be performing at the Gata Pattat Theatre:
Date: 17th September
Venue: Cape Diamond Hotel
Time: Dinner from 6:30 PM, Performance from 8:30 to 9:30 PM
Price: R100

Support SA’s leukemia victims by attending the Sunflower Fund Waterfront outdoor concert.
Date: 18th September
Venue: V and A Waterfront Amphitheatre
Time: from 11:30 AM (CODA on at 1:30 PM)
Price: Free but please buy a bandana!

Carol is reunited with her band after 25 performances of Red Cello Electrified which was debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010, the largest arts festival in the world, achieving a 4 star rating and an enthusiastic response from audiences from across the globe.

Catch the Red Cello in action at The Fridge Concert Series in Dubai on the 11th October, and at On Broadway in Cape Town on the 17th October ( ) |

Coda at Rhythm Music Store

Carol Thorns at Rhythm Music Store

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