Modern Rock for Classic Rock Fans – Fever by Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
Bullet For My Valentine - Fever

For me Classic Rock as a genre describes the music I listened to during my teenage years in the 70’s. Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Black Sabbath were, and still are, among my all-time favourite bands.

Now I am not suggesting that ‘Fever’ by Bullet For My Valentine (their 3rd album) is a Classic Rock album  or that they are even influenced by 70’s rock, but if you love epic and powerful rock songs,  with manic drumming and lots of guitar solos, that you wish would go on for longer, then this is an album to give a listen to.

Fans of Ian Paice’s drum-style will find plenty to love here. Some chord progressions remind me of Jimi Hendrix and more than a couple of times I thought I was listening to some undiscovered Rainbow out-take.

I am not a big fan of growling but I can hear now how it actually enhances a song and blends with the vocals to create a powerful musical force that picks you up, shakes you around and throws you into a corner. Just like Deep Purple did for me in the 70’s and that my father never understood.

My 18-year old son and I were driving along recently and I turned the volume up on “Alone” and remarked “what a cool guitar solo”. “You are not like other dads are you?” exclaimed my son, “usually they turn the music down!”

So if you want to connect with the music of your youth, and also keep up to date with the latest rock music, Bullet For My Valentine is a good place to start.

Track Listing

1.     “Your Betrayal”       4:51
2.     “Fever”       3:57
3.     “The Last Fight”       4:19
4.     “A Place Where You Belong”       5:06
5.     “Pleasure and Pain”       3:53
6.     “Alone”       5:56
7.     “Breaking Out, Breaking Down”       4:04
8.     “Bittersweet Memories”       5:09
9.     “Dignity”       4:29
10.   “Begging for Mercy”       3:56
11.    “Pretty On the Outside”       3:56

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