Navi Redd – Jy’s ‘n Langvraag: Channel24 Music: Channel24 Music – MP3

“Jy’s ‘n non-smoking sign, ek’s ‘n Camel Plain” sing this all male a cappella octet on this beautiful trip into the onomatopoeic majesty of the Afrikaans language using only their vocal chords and creativity. It’s a stunning track off their album, ‘Totaal In Ons Taal’. Imagine Jack Parow as an angelic altar boy, and you’re half way there.

Navi Redd – Jy’s ‘n Langvraag: Channel24 Music: Channel24 Music – MP3.

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Die Radio Kalahari Orkes with Jack Parow – Blaas Jou Vuvuzela

HeuninglandIan Roberts and his bakgat band of boeremusiek brothers team up with super romantic Afrikaans rap star Jack Parow on this tongue-in-cheeky World Cup anthem-in-the-making about braaivleis, brandy and Vuvuzela blowing! Off their third album of all star collaborations, “Heuningland”.

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Goodluck feat. Gang of Instrumentals and AmaAmbushed – Bring the Glory Home

Can you feel it? Put your voice behind Bafana Bafana by downloading this funky Afro-pop anthem for FREE! Put it in your car stereo, roll down the windows and BLAST your message to our soccer boys: WOZA BAFANA!!

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Chris Chameleon – Looking For The Smile (special edit)

Looking for the SmileSA’s most charismatic crooner lends his multi-octave soar to this inspirational Afro-pop fundraising song for the SOS Children’s Homes. It’s a heartfelt ballad that addresses some of the heavy issues that burden our children such as Aids, hunger and poverty with a feeling of hope and faith in the future. Ingrid Simons and the Jody Kids children’s choir add their voices into the mix.

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Koos Kombuis – Die Groen Fokkol Song

“The problems facing Planet Earth are far more serious than whether we like Malema or not, or what people think of the new ANC leather jackets” says the iconic Afrikaans singer songwriter on this eco-friendly overhaul of his classic protest song about service delivery.

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The Buckfever Underground – Die Volk Is In Die Kak

Limbs Gone BattyPoet Toast Coezter and his avant-rock visionaries share this timeous, stream of consciousness parable off their critically-acclaimed album, ‘Limbs Gone Batty’.

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DJ MuZI.GP – Virus

Jozi DJ shares this funky electro-flavoured deep house floor filler off his brand new 15-track dance album, ‘Muzimania Unleashed’.

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Koos Kombuis – Ver van die Ou Kalahari

Ver Van Die Ou Kalahari“Ver van die ou kalahari, aan die grens se verkeerde kant, eet ons saam calamari, en lag oor die dalende Rand” sings Koos on this Voelvry-era classic. Off the Afrikaans troubadour’s debut album, “Ver van die Ou Kalahari”, penned while he was still using his previous pseudonym, Andre le Toit.

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Sterling EQ – Toccata

SA’s sexy all-girl instrumental electro supergroup give Bach’s classical favourite a 21st century makeover on this fabulously funky floor filler off their album, ‘Nova’.

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Black Era – Move

Black Era“I’ll be your driving force, I’ll be your power source, ‘cos we got groove!” sing this new Gauteng rock band on this pub crawler about partying. Off their forthcoming debut album recorded at B# Studios.

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Richard van der Westhuizen – Stofpad

Richard van der Westhuizen – StofpadCelebrated Afrikaans singer songwriter shares this breezy platteland ballad about going nowhere slowly. Off his solo project, ‘Songs uit my Binnesak’, on which he collaborated with Hennie Aucamp, Herman van Veen and Andrew Roos.

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WWII Anthem

I’m hoping that you might help me in trying to identify a song/anthem we used to sing at school assembly during WW2, in England.
As far as I can recall the title was something like: “Lilli Marais”. I believed it was the S.A. National Anthem.
Hope you can help.
Peter Mills.

You might mean Sarie Marais, which is not the SA National Anthem, but is a very popular tune associated with SA, like Waltzing Matilda is in Australia.

Different versions available here:

Modern Rock for Classic Rock Fans – Fever by Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
Bullet For My Valentine - Fever

For me Classic Rock as a genre describes the music I listened to during my teenage years in the 70’s. Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, and Black Sabbath were, and still are, among my all-time favourite bands.

Now I am not suggesting that ‘Fever’ by Bullet For My Valentine (their 3rd album) is a Classic Rock album  or that they are even influenced by 70’s rock, but if you love epic and powerful rock songs,  with manic drumming and lots of guitar solos, that you wish would go on for longer, then this is an album to give a listen to.

Fans of Ian Paice’s drum-style will find plenty to love here. Some chord progressions remind me of Jimi Hendrix and more than a couple of times I thought I was listening to some undiscovered Rainbow out-take.

I am not a big fan of growling but I can hear now how it actually enhances a song and blends with the vocals to create a powerful musical force that picks you up, shakes you around and throws you into a corner. Just like Deep Purple did for me in the 70’s and that my father never understood.

My 18-year old son and I were driving along recently and I turned the volume up on “Alone” and remarked “what a cool guitar solo”. “You are not like other dads are you?” exclaimed my son, “usually they turn the music down!”

So if you want to connect with the music of your youth, and also keep up to date with the latest rock music, Bullet For My Valentine is a good place to start.

Track Listing

1.     “Your Betrayal”       4:51
2.     “Fever”       3:57
3.     “The Last Fight”       4:19
4.     “A Place Where You Belong”       5:06
5.     “Pleasure and Pain”       3:53
6.     “Alone”       5:56
7.     “Breaking Out, Breaking Down”       4:04
8.     “Bittersweet Memories”       5:09
9.     “Dignity”       4:29
10.   “Begging for Mercy”       3:56
11.    “Pretty On the Outside”       3:56

Jack Hammer Newsletter May 2010…

Apologies for always being late with news .At least the gig guide is always up to date thanks to Brian Currin. 2010 has been a bit crazy so far with lots of travelling and some changes in the band and a lot of collaboration with other bands and musicians but it has been a rollercoaster. It seems the fight for independence keeps getting harder but I am sure we shall overcome.

Just got back from Mocambique , where we played the 2010 STRAB Festival.The bands were great,the weather was unreal and Jack Hammer performed with some of their old friends like Akkedis, Albert Frost,Tidal Waves, The Silver Creek Mountain Band, The Black Cat Bones,Southern Gypsy Queen and many more. Donovan Borne , who has been forging a solo career over the last few years has joined us on guitar and vocals and we look forward to working with him.The festival was once again stripped of superficials and loaded with real music by some fabulous younger bands like Pennilane (from Namibia), Mr. Cat and the Jackal ( Cape Town) ,Zinkplaat (Cape Town), Die Tuindwergies (Pta)and many more.

My heartfelt thanks to Annerie Snyman and Conrad Jamneck,Franco Jamneck,Jan Haarhoff and all the other guys on the sound and lighting crew for a special show .To all the people at Ponta Malongane ,we will never forget the last seven years.And so ,from Malongane to the Cape…..

The first two weeks in June will feature Piet Botha on a Cape Tour where he will be teaming up with The Akkedis Band as well as special guests Jacques Groenewald and Li Ann Cummins in a collaboration that started many years ago but was cast in stone during December 2009 on the “Lizard Kings Tour”.The sets feature material from all our histories as well as brand new songs and super jams.Kicking off in Robertson on the 4th and 5th of June at Wolfkloof Wine Cellars as part of the Wacky Wine Festival, The Lizard Kings will also be performing at Bohemia in Stellenbosch (10th), Berties Moorings in Gordons Bay (11th),Die Plaasteater in Kuilsrivier (12th) and Die Boer in Durbanville (13th) .The dates and times are on the gig calendar.There will also be two acoustic shows where Piet will perform with a new talent from the Cape ,Jacques Groenewald , at Seaside Blues in Melkbos on the 6th of June and at Dorpstraat Teater (Stellenbosch) on the 9th June.

In the meantime we are working on new songs and hope to have something ready later in the year. To all our friends and family, thank you for being on the journey with us.

Piet Botha

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