Warrick Sony unleashes his latest Kalahari Surfers album

Kalahari Surfers - One Party State Album Cover
One Party State by Kalahari Surfers

One Party State (Lester Gabang):

Warrick Sony, fresh back from the African Soul Rebels tour (12 cities across the UK with 2 other West African bands) unleashes his latest Kalahari Surfers album. This one features heavy dubstep style wobbly-bass-groove tracks and cut up voice samples from some of poet Lesego Rampolokeng’s performances. Themes tackle some of the bizarre aspects of living in a third world banana republic (nothing specific though always hinted) – the track “A New Kind of Leader” features a woman voice saying these words in an atmosphere of twisted electro uncertainty “He was a new kind of leader / He spoke simply Everyone could understand / He was a man of the people / He had his own vision For boys and girls“. Danceble and simultaneously unsettling.

A lot of the tracks are strangely scary or haunting while they do underscore some of the current South African terrors and dilemmas. Hugely danceable the title track, One Party State, is almost a Krumping classic with crowd chant and a megaphonic voice samples. The album is a return to a shorter ‘song’ format with lots of radio and TV voice cut ups and one haunting song Twin Peaks type song which includes the lyric “good people have left / criminals have rights.” The most powerfully political album since their 80’s Recommended Records releases ‘One Party State’ is a musical tour de force of the variables of a fallible democracy.

Available at Rhythm Music Store

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