Joe Blog Show 24 January 2010 8Pm to 11Pm on Midrand Radio 93.8FM

Guests tonight: Newtown taking us throught their new album “The Bridge” which gets launched at the Bohemian next Friday

1. Newtown – & I’m OK (new album featured tonight)
2. One Night Stands – The Heart of Japan The One Night Stands (Sting)
3. Ashtray Electric – Swing SA Tunes Vol 1 (Sheer)
4. Bride’s Reunion – Kamikaze SL Compilation
5. Juggernaught – Only Love her when she’s gone Purity Mag Compilation
6. Death Valley Blues Band – Full Throttle Demo
7. Gently Scar’d – All about the money Demo
8. Walt – Somewhere Walt (Authentic Ideas)
9. Newtown – Newtown EP
10. Concussion Girl – Tie me up Ride (Primotive)
11. Jeremy Franklin – Siyabonga Mandela (self published)
12. Japan & I – Sunrise Will take over the world (Red Ambulance)
13. The Slashdogs –  …everything is going to be just great The Hunger (Self published)
14. Taxi Violence – Devil ‘n Pistol The Turn (Sheer)
15. New Holland – waiting.wanting.craving One Small Seed compilation
16. Tidal Waves – What u got… Manifesto (Oppikoppi)
17. Gang of Instrumentals – Woza December Sama Nominees
18. aKING – Safe as Houses (Sheer)
19. Jack Parow – Cooler as ek South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
20. Radio Kalahari Orkes – Blaas Jou Vuvuzela Heunginland (Rhythm Records)
21. Rokkeloos – Herrinner My Nooiensvaart (One F Music)
22. Rambling Bones – Old Man of the Ocean Watching & Waiting (Cocktail Records)
23. Fuzigish – Blow my Mind Roll with the Punches (Red Ambulance)
24. Hog Hoggidy Hog – Out of Control Method to the Madness (Sheer)
25. Frankie Beagle – The Sounds The Sound (demo)
26. Submachine – Jungle Boogie Submachine EP
27. Swivel Foot – The Last Round (from demo EP)
28. Half Price – Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
29. Van Coke Cartel – Wat het van ons geword? Waaksaam en Wakker
30. Fokofpolisiekar – Antibiotika South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
31. The Cavalier – Lonely King of Hearts South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
32. Black Pimpin Jesus – Paul got arrsted last night SL compilation
33. Heroes Wear Red – Be Universal Surviving September (Headline Artists)

Most of these artists and songs are available on Rhythm Music Store

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