‘God Shuffles His Beat’ Back In Stock at Mabu Vinyl

From Mabu Vinyl

God Shuffles His Beat by 7ft Soundsystem
God Shuffles His Beat by 7ft Soundsystem

Mabu Vinyl now has more CD stock of ‘God Shuffles His Beat’, the hot debut album from the new Cape Town group 7ft Soundsystem, which features Freshlyground vocalist Zolani Mahola on the first single off the album, the sure-fire summer radio smash hit, ‘Love Be The Power’.

The man behind the 7ft Soundsystem project is Cape Town musician and producer, Yves Adler, who was a founder member of the indie-ska group, Seventh Son’.

‘Love Be The Power’ picked up a ton of interest when it first appeared as a free edited download on the Channel 24 website. As a result, the first batch of CD copies of ‘God Shuffles His Beat’ sold out soon after arriving in stock at Mabu Vinyl

“Freshlyground’s Zolani Mahola adds her sublime siren call to this summery brass ‘n bass filtered first single off Mother City musician Yves Adler’s new album, ‘God Shuffles His Beat’.” (Channel 24).

Listen to the mp3 of ‘Love Be The Power’ at: http://www.channel24.co.za/Content/Music/MP3/740/d56e56d224f9470ba7d34cd789148af0/17-11-2009-01-24/7FT_Soundsystem_-_Love_Be_The_Power

Buy ‘Love Be The Power’ and other tracks off ‘God Shuffles His Beat’ at

Buy the ‘God Shuffles His Beat’ CD at Mabu Vinyl in Rheede Street in Gardens.

“Just do it!” – Tiger Van Der Westhuizen.

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