Top Ten Tunes: Emerson, Lake & Palmer

My top ten tunes from Emerson, Lake & Palmer

“Do you want some more music?”

  1. Still … You Turn Me On
  2. Karn Evil 9 (1st, 2nd & 3rd Impressions)
  3. Nutrocker (live March 1971)
  4. The Sage (live March 1971)
  5. Battlefield (live 1973, including Epitaph)
  6. Tarkus: a.Eruption b.Stones Of Years c.Iconoclast d.Mass e.Manticore f.Battlefield g.Aquatarkus
  7. Toccata
  8. Knife-Edge
  9. From The Beginning
  10. The Old Castle / Blues Variation (live at the Lyceum December 1970, from Pictures At An Exhibition film)

Disclaimer: I have decided to limit myself to only ten tunes, so of course some of my other favourites have had to be omitted.


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