Top Ten Tunes: Daevid Allen and Gong

My top ten tunes from Daevid Allen and Gong

  1. The Isle Of Everywhere
  2. It’s The Time Of Your Life
  3. The Flying Teapot
  4. The Castle in The Clouds
  5. You Can’t Kill Me
  6. A Sprinkling Of Clouds
  7. Witch’s Song / I Am Your Pussy
  8. Inner Temple
  9. Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash & Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory (live at Glastonbury Fayre, 1971)
  10. Master Builder

Disclaimer: I have decided to limit myself to only ten tunes, so of course some of my other favourites have had to be omitted.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tunes: Daevid Allen and Gong

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  1. I would agree with you on a few of your choices. But Daevid Allen never stops shocking me on how much that guy has released.
    As just tonight i have been playing the Albums
    Seven Drones
    Sacred geometry 2
    And just those two on their own have shocked me how great and wide this man can spread his wings into so many different styles , I would be very hard pushed myself to pick jjust 10 bits of Daevids Music.
    As the last time i counted up my Daevid Allen Solo and with Gong. Magik Brothers, , University of Errors , Kramer. And gawd knows what other bands hes been in. Not counting the Bootlegs of Gong. The last count was over 100. individual albums and cds.
    Top 10s are always very difficult with a every expanding and changing band like GONG. But i like the ones you have picked out


  2. Hi Phil

    I was a big fan of Gong in the early to mid-70s (my teenage years!) and didn’t really follow them much after that … so thank you very much for your input.



  3. Hi Brian,

    So I’m not the only one driving around South Africa playing the sounds of the Radio Gnome Invisible? I was into Gong in a big way in the early 90’s and have recently dug out the cd’s again and after a cup of tea or 2 they sound just as weird again.

    Would you like some tea?


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