Dan Patlansky – The “Move My Soul“ Tour

Photo Credit: KevinG (courtesy Musical Mover)
Photo Credit: KevinG (courtesy Musical Mover)

Dan Patlansky, South Africa’s rock and blues guitar wizard, is on the move again – and is promoting his latest CD “Move My Soul”.

The CD was produced by Dan at the renowned Peace Of Eden Studio in Knysna and mixed by Peter Auret of Watershed.

The music continues Dan’s commitment and driving passion for music and features an explosive mix of wild blues, rock and roll and breathtaking balladeering.

Since his previous tour Dan has recorded and performed with Jesse Clegg, played at various venues in Gauteng and headlined the Benefit Concert for musician “Judge Coetzee.

Dan will be accompanied on this tour by Andy Turrell on drums and Errol “Smelly” Fellows on bass.

The band featured at the FORR Festival in Mozambique and the Durban International Blues Festival during September.

This tour will take the band across the country from cities to villages and from theatres to bars in a determined effort to move your soul.

Further info and photographs are available on Dan’s website : www.danpatlansky.com

Tour dates and venues :

1/10/09             The Blues Room, Sandton Village Walk               0117845527

2/10/09             Tanz  Café, Bryanston                                             0114633128

7/10/09             Pablo’s, Potchefstroom                                          0834444101

8/10/09            Aasvoel Club, Bloemfontein                                    0515233604

10/10/09          Rocking The Daisies, Darling                                   0214811832

14/10/09         Fogey’s, Muizenberg                                                0217883252

16/10/09         Dorpstraat Theatre, Stellenbosch                          0218866107

17/10/09        Bertie’s  Moorings, Gordon’s Bay                            0218563343

21-23/10/09  Die Boer, Durbanville                                                 0219791911

24/10/09        Klein Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch                       0218838164

29/10/09        Potter’s Place, Jeffreys’ Bay                                      0422932500

30-31/10/09  Toni’s, Port Elizabeth                                                 0413641964

Selected Dan Patlansky albums available at www.RhythmMusicStore.com

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