Exploded Views by New Holland

Press Release from the Rhythm Records Label

Exploded Views by New Holland
Exploded Views by New Holland

New Holland‘s long awaited second album Exploded Views will be released on 21 September 2009. Production standards for this second New Holland album represent a quantum leap from their first album, which had already garnered them a passionate cult following. Exploded Views is a strong characteristic album immediately accessible to various genre preferences, with each song showcasing unique soudscapes and captivating arrangements.

The first single, catchy pop hit “Something to Believe in” is currently playlisted on 5fm, Highveld Stereo, KFM, OFM and various campus radio stations.

Vocalist TeeJay is the owner of recording studio Coffeestainedvinyl Studios in Table View. The Exploded Views album was recorded at Coffeestainedvinyl Studios, and was co-produced by TeeJay with the rest of the band and Neal Snyman.

About The Band

Like most of the other Bellville bands, the four members met when they were in DF Malan Highschool. But that’s where the similarities end. TeeJay and Odendaal experimented with some music of their own. TeeJay and Odendaal approached Gerdus and Reyno to join them in a band. Having been booked for a tour, the band had to come up with a name literally overnight. They drove past a New Holland tractor and liked the idea of it. The name also alludes to the post- “colonial” Dutch African Colony that has spawned the new South Africa. From there the name New Holland.

New Holland has been noted as one of SA’s most popular bands on the live scene since their debut in December 2007. They will introduce the new album with a nationwide tour from 3 to 14 October. More info on dates and venues: www.NewHollandBand.co.za

“The reality is that they’re going to be big…you know what that means. They’re never coming back. It’s up to you whether that matters, whether they’ve got something for you to believe in. Either way, they’ve got nothing to prove.” – Jess Henson.

Media contact

Liny Kruger – 021 556 1726 / 082 464 1926.

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