FREE Download of ‘Our Heritage’ song

Die Heuwels Fantasties teamed up The Soweto Gospel Choir, HHP and JR to produce a song for Heritage Day or ‘Braai Day’ as it is affectionately known.

The song is called ‘Our Heritage’ which features Pierre Greeff of Die Heuwels Fantasties singing in English (which makes for a different, clear sound yet unmistakably Pierre). The Soweto Gospel Choir adds a distinctly African undertone and HHP and JR bring the song together well.

FREE Download

The song is catchy, fun and upbeat with lyrics such as “So it’s a flyday. We call it a braaiday…”

All in all, it’s a song with the message to celebrate our heritage and our unity as South Africans – artfully combining the many different cultural spheres into a feel good track.

HHP and JR sum it up nicely with “It’s a known phrase, jo re rata go braaya (we love to braai)”.

Bring on Braai: 24/09/09.

from Musical Mover

FREE Download

die heuwels fantasties soweto gospel choir hhp jr our heritage
Our Heritage

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