7th Son – Ontology – OUT MONDAY!

Ontology - Download 7th Son MP3s at Rhythm Online
7th Son - Ontology

Musketeer are proud to announce the release of “Ontology”, the 3rd album from Cape Town rock reggae outfit “7th Son

The band have always prided themselves on working hard on creating a new and original sound. “Ontology” is the culmination of the last 3 years, developing into one of the most explosive live acts in the country.

“I really believe when people listen to this album they will hear a more mature 7th Son that has discovered its own sound,” explained front-man Nic Gaud.

The band will be supporting the album release with shows at the following venues:

11th June – Cape Town launch – Mercury Live

13th June – Gauteng launch – Tings & Times (Pretoria)

15th June – Back2Basix (Johannesburg)

18th June – The Bohemian (Johannesburg)

26th June – Berties Mooring (Gordons Bay)

27th June – Dizzys Cafe (Camps Bay)

3rd July – Zula Sound Bar with the Little Kings

10th & 11th July – Jbay Billabong Pro

Track listing

1. Step Outside
2. The Boys Light Up # (current single)
3. On My Holiday #
4. Tokyo #
5. Spending Time
6. The One
7. Take A Walk
8. Bleed Me Out
9. Sleight Of Hand
10. Dry Life
11. Lately

For press and information contact:

David Elstins

Label Manager – Musketeer Records

Tel: 086 11 68742 / 011 438 7032

Mobile: 079 353 2384

Fax: 086 687 9247


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