Top 40 Best Selling Artists on Rhythm Online – March 2009

  1. Chris Chameleon
  2. Kurt Darren
  3. aKING
  4. Fokofpolisiekar
  5. Ray Dylan
  6. Die Campbells
  7. Nicholis Louw
  8. Zebra & Giraffe
  9. Straatligkinders
  10. Brian Finch
  11. Jax Panik
  12. Andra
  13. Robbie Wessels
  14. Fredi Nest
  15. David Kramer
  16. Jack Hammer
  17. Foto Na Dans
  18. KOBUS!
  19. Piet Botha
  20. Lark
  21. Seether
  22. Van Coke Kartel
  23. Elizma Theron
  24. Anton Goosen
  25. Karen Zoid
  26. Sibot
  27. Anna Davel
  28. eF-eL
  29. Piet Botha & Jack Hammer
  30. Gang Of Instrumentals
  31. Klopjag
  32. Flat Stanley
  33. Taxi Violence
  34. Breyten Breytenbach
  35. Rodriguez
  36. Bok Van Blerk
  37. David Fourie
  38. Amanda Strydom
  39. Zinkplaat
  40. Valiant Swart


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