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Op zoek naar Sugar Man | OOG VOOR AFRIKA


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Behind every man who strives to be great, there’s already a woman who is great. Mine goes by the name of Heidi Hoy, now Heidi Marais – the most free spirited woman I know. Come to think of it, the only woman I know.

We’ve been together for 27 years this year. Together we’ve seen it all. Bought all the T-shirts, in all different sizes. We’ve been through thicker and thinner. Had our ups and our downs. But we stuck it out, because that’s what life’s about.

She’s been the woman behind me every step of the way from the day we opened the doors to Joe Public, our first advertising shop in Loop Street, Cape Town. And she walked beside me up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for education in South Africa.

She wiped my tears of despair when we lost half our business in 2006 and cried with me in joy when we bought Joe back from DraftFCB in 2009.

Together we celebrated my first Loerie Grand Prix back in 1997, and together in 2008 we celebrated something greater than the greatest award: The birth of our boy, Jasper.

She’s waited for me thousands of nights when I worked late and is beside me every morning when I rise before the sun.

She was my biggest groupie when I played for The Kin, Guns For Hire, Helvetica Bold (Helvetiva Italic when we had too much Tequila) and the Voodudes.

She’s the star of all my songs and the center of my Universe. She’s the reason I turned my life around and the reason I will never turn back.

But she never would have been with me if it weren’t for you, Sugar Man.

You see, I lost her heart at the end of High School, a low point of my life. I lost my girl to a boy who could play the guitar.


So I learned to play the axe, Sugar Man. I learned to play each song off your first album. And together with Crucify Your Mind, Hate Street Dialogue, I Wonder, and Forget It, I convinced her not to forget me.

Because of you, Sugar Man, I won my girl back. And that’s a concrete cold fact.

I watched ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ tonight. It left me with tears of awe. So here’s to you, Sixto Rodriguez. You’ve had an impact on my life in more ways than you may ever know.


Pepe Marais | @joepublicagency

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Rodriguez Has Three Albums In Australian Chart |


Rodriguez has three albums in the Australian chart this week. The Rodriguez catalogue took an active run on the ARIA chart after his 2014 tour was announced last week.

Rodriguez was last in Australia only last year for Bluesfest and played a national tour with backing band The Break, featuring members of Midnight Oil and Violent Femmes.

The first Rodriguez album ‘Cold Fact’ (1970) is at 11, the ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ soundtrack is at 22 and his second and final album ‘Coming From Reality’ (1971) is at 25.

The Detroit singer songwriter Rodriguez has only ever recorded the two albums from the early ‘70s. Consider that at that time in Australia it was pre-FM radio, pre-Internet, pre-Cable and Digital TV. Australia was completely cut off culturally from the rest of the world at that time.

Read more: Rodriguez Has Three Albums In Australian Chart |

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Rodriguez to Tour Australia and New Zealand, tickets go on sale Thursday the 28th of August.

Rodriguez Australia 2014

Rodriguez Australia and New Zealand 2014

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Things We learned From Twitter This Morning….

1) A nationwide TV channel in Australia, called SBS, screened ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ on Sunday night and a lot of people watched it…..

2) The programmers at SBS decided to screen a commercial for Rodriguez’s upcoming tour of Australia during the first half of the film!

How’s that for a spoiler?

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“Sugar Man” Rodriguez announces 2014 Australian tour


Legendary singer-songwriter Rodriguez will return to Australia in October and November to play headline shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and two shows at the Opera House in Sydney.

After his two albums – 1969’s Cold Fact and 1971’s Coming from Reality – went unnoticed in America, Rodriguez eventually turned his efforts elsewhere, earning a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Wayne State University, running for political office and working construction and factory jobs to support his family.

Now Rodriguez is enjoying a revival after been “rediscovered” by the Oscar Award winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man in 2012 and will be touring Australia for the fourth time since 2007. Although the film focuses on the singer-songwriter cult following in South Africa, Rodriguez also had a significant fanbase in Australia; he first toured Australia in the late ‘70s and returned in 1981 playing shows with Midnight Oil. He has reguraly dropped a cover of Midnight Oil’s ‘Redneck Wonderland’ into his Australian setlists alongside his takes on Carl Perkins’ ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’.

Rodriguez tour

Sunday, October 19 – Convention Centre, Brisbane
Tuesday, October 21 – Opera House, Sydney
Thursday, October 23 – Opera House, Sydney
Saturday, October 25 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Wednesday, October 29 – AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Friday, November 7 – Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth

Tickets on sale on Thursday, August 28

Read more at 
 “Sugar Man” Rodriguez announces 2014 Australian tour.

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